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A quiet month...

Well, this month we have had the builders in remodeling our kitchen, dining room and backroom.  Therefore my craft room/spare room is currently the storage room.  Thankfully, I thought ahead slightly and made my Mothers' Day cards before the work started.

However, I have learnt a rather useful (if basic) lesson.  Do not leave your cards on top of the printer, in front of direct sunlight as all your ink fades.  I got inspiration from Issue 136 of Quick Cards (p60) - triple stamping.  It is were you carefully layer three different sized pieces of card on top of each other and stamp across the borders so that the image is on all three pieces of card.  Once happy, the individual cards are matted on to contrasting paper and layered back together.  The effect is very pretty and is a way of producing your own background papers.  Admittedly, it is not so effective after three weeks in direct sunlight.

However, here are the cards I made for Mum and Mum-in-Law, they are 6x6 gate-fold cards: