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And one year later......

I guess you could say I had a break for a little while.  In October 2014 I gave birth at home to our third little girl, Isabel.  Everything went well with the planned home birth, but unfortunately she had to stay for a week in neo-natal for a lung infection,  However, she is doing really well now and is growing fast -as any other baby does. As you can see from the photo of the three girls below, they are all fine and not besotted with Frozen at all - Emma as Elsa, Sophie as Arna and as I couldn't find a baby Olaf costume, Isabel is Sven!

During pregnancy I had to concentrate on the aspects of my life that had to get done, such as looking after my other two girls, the house and paid work, so crafting was put to one side for a little bit.

However.... I am back now and hope to keep this blog up and running.

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