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Well I am back, slightly later than I promised, however the house has been manic with recovery and preparation for Christmas. 

The back operation went really well and I noticed a huge improvement in the pain and discomfort I was feeling.  One leg still has a loss of sensation and, after several weeks of limited movement, both legs are feeling weak.  However soon after half term I was up and walking the girls to school and back, taking them swimming and playing in the park.

We are very fortunate where we live in that the walk to school is 15 minutes through the park of an amazing house.  South Hill Park is owned by Bracknell Council and is used as an arts venue, theatre and cafĂ©.  The grounds that surround it are open all the time and it is lovely to be able to walk the girls through the tees, past the pond and over the bridge during the different seasons.  My youngest is just over two and half and loves kicking the leaves and jumping in puddles.  She is also the speediest toddler goi…