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Advent Calendar

Well, this was a labour of love and no mistake!  It really tested my patience to get this right for my daughter.

I used the mini pizza boxes for the calendar and papers from the Quilted Christmas DSP stack.

I also used the large number dies and a mixture of paper doilies from the Annual Catalogue (basically raided my embellishment box).

I stuck the boxes back to back to save space.  My first idea was to hang the boxes on ribbon from a branch.

However, I failed to take into account my three year old who likes to pull and play with everything in sight! I didn't have anywhere I could hang it for my 9 yr old to reach that the youngest couldn't!
I then tried to glue them together in a circle, however the boxes were too heavy to stay joined together.  I also found that it was best to have the pizza box opening at the top and not the bottom as the chocolate coins kept falling out.
Eventually, I ended up with this configuration, which works and everything stays in! My daughter also li…

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