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Memory Portfolios

Last year we seemed to have acquired a lot of bought photos of the girls via schools and other places, so I thought it would be nice to create an album for the grandparents of them all.  We have emailed them over as well, but sometimes having a physical item to display is best for grandparents!  I have heard of 'bragging' books, folders that can be carried around and shown off as needed, however I wanted something bigger.  I searched on You Tube and found a project I liked here, but I
have a short attention span so haven't watched the whole tutorial, only the bit that gave me the dimensions.

Here is my first stage completed (I am making three sets), I find this part easy, just cutting and gluing cardstock to size.  One folder and 7 6x4 inserts, that I have covered in DSP on both sides.

Once I had added my photo's I added the context to the photos by printing off the details (who's who and where).  I did add a little bit of stamping to each insert, but I have to say…

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